Sky Tg24

12.5 million unique users, which increased to 26.8 during the Covid emergency

Our team produces daily content for the Sky Tg24 website. New about current events, foreign affairs, entertainment, technology, environment, sport, food, and science to enrich the group information offer. FpS produces both a monthly content plan with the right mix of information, entertainment, SEO content, and a real-time production following daily news. The contents range from smart articles about quick news to in-depth articles, up to galleries. The agency’s production for Sky exceeds 2.000 content/year.

The site has seen considerable organic growth over the past few years. The information platform had 7.5 million unique users in January 2019; a year later it increased to 12,5 million, which means a 67% rise in traffic. With the Covid-19 emergency,’s position has further strengthened, reaching a record figure of 26.8 million unique users in March 2020.

Sky TG24 website, edited by Giuseppe De Bellis, offers updates, insights and videos on the main daily events 24 hours a day.

Servizi: content production, content strategy, SEO