Master “Mass web e social

3 editions, over 40 selected participants, totally free, paid internships

FpS, through FPS coop., has conceived and organized a master dedicated to the world of communication. The highly specialized “Mass, web e social” master, organized by FpS and funded by Regione Lazio, has specific main goals: to acquire the practical tools to face the job market, to learn to interpret the world of information, advertising and marketing and thus to become the communicators of tomorrow.

The right mix of practice and theory

FpS offered 18 graduates, from different degree courses, a 5-month training course to enhance their knowledge with lectures with a balanced theoretical-practical mix.

Social media marketing, SEO, journalism 2.0, graphics, video editing: these are just some of the subjects introduced by 13 teachers. Thanks to funding from Regione Lazio, the master, now in its third edition, is totally free.

Free Master, paid internships

The “Mass, Web e Social” project was born within the “Torno Subito“ initiative, promoted by Regione Lazio, for the training of graduates on the new evolving professions.

After the course, the students continued their training experience through paid internships in associations, companies, public bodies and newspapers. There they were able to put into practice the knowledge acquired during 150 hours of lessons, divided into 3 modules of 50 each.

Qualified teachers and guests

26 different subjects have been introduced by Fps Media team and the professionals who have been collaborating with the agency for years. Among them Giuseppe Liuzzo, a graphic designer expert in branding, and Riccardo Bianchi, digital pr of projects for companies such as Mondadori and Barilla. The students have also met prestigious guests such as Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna; Elena Basso, head of the press office for Sky and the satirical collectiveIl Terzo Segreto di Satira“.

Services: training, communication, social media, SEO, creative writing.