Over 30,000 YouTube views for promotional campaigns

Google, with its parent company Alphabet, is a worldwide American tech company with its search engine and branches dedicated to the world of video (YouTube), advertising (Ads), technological devices (Pixel) and much more.

It is the most visited website in the world and was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students from Stanford University. Brin and Page launched Google on the stock market in 2004: today, it is worth over 100 billion dollars, which makes it the brand with the world’s highest turnover.

FpS has been collaborating with Google for over 3 years crafting content marketing campaigns to promote the company’s initiatives. Articles, videos, ads, “best practices” and photoshoots are among the media through which we are able to showcase Google’s features to customers, prospects and stakeholders.

The promotion of artificial intelligence services through a campaign launched in 2009 is among the most important initiatives managed by Fps for Google: it was based on the production of 5 successful stories (photos, texts, videos), each about different industries, to communicate the potential of new technologies for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises. FpS also introduced “Google my Business” services to facilitate online visibility for micro-enterprises. It trained on how to run advertising campaigns through Google Ads, and offered the “Crescere in Digitale”, the tools designed to the internationalization of SMEs Market Finder.

The contents were broadcasted during the events dedicated to prospects and were published online. The videos broadcasted by Google Italy’s YouTube channel have reached over 30,000 views.

Servizi: video production, photo production, storytelling, content creation