FpS launches social media

and seo courses

Two new practical courses organized by FpS Media are about to start: one for upgrading the understanding of social networks, and the other for preparing advanced strategies of editorial content, lead generation and digital PR.

FPS Media organizes two new courses, accredited by the Association of journalists: the first, “Social Media for websites, companies and newspaper publishers”, is aimed at those who want to deepen their knowledge of social networks for a company, a newspaper or a blog; the second, “Advanced SEO for communicators and journalists”, is aimed at those who want to learn advanced strategies aimed at increasing site traffic.

The courses will take place on September 30 and October 14 in via Poma in Milan, at FpS Media.

Social media for websites, companies and newspapers

The participants in the practical course ”Social Media for Websites, Companies and Newspapers” will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge regarding social networks, with special attention to discussion and online sentiment study in creating a positioning strategy, content and advertisements based on data and analysis.

Advanced Seo for communicators and journalists

During the course ”Advanced SEO for Communicators and Journalists”, the participants will learn to prepare advanced strategies of editorial content, lead generation and digital PR aimed at increasing site traffic. Moreover, a complex long-term and short-term SEO analysis will be tackled through practical exercises, along with affiliate marketing.
Both courses are worth 6 credits for the SiGef refresher.

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