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Digital divide is not only a matter of devices and Internet connection: it’s (mostly?) about content, articles and search engine results

A data set from IPA TouchPoints Daily Life, explained by Facebook, shows how user behavior changes at different hours

Many companies, Basecamp included, are setting an example in terms of distributed teams: the model is far from being perfect, but office politics tend to lose importance

According to Associated Press, Google tracks users’ location, even after they (seemingly) disable the option

The EU is at work to develop a regulation that would result in fines for the websites and social media that don’t remove terrorist content in one hour or less

The VR technology that Walmart might be developing would allow users to simulate the shopping experience, without moving from home

New video ads format, especially mid-roll ones, are getting increasingly intrusive. Will they work?

Facebook announced new measures in terms of security: the new checks will affect page admins

Il business delle views e dei like fake è sempre più florido, come dimostra una recente inchiesta, pubblicata dal New York Times. Un reporter che lavora per il quotidiano, Michael H. Keller, ha fatto un esperimento

Un corso di Alta Formazione di 100 ore, ideato e gestito da FpS Media, che in un mese di lezione fornisce gli strumenti concreti per realizzare un progetto lavorativo sotto tutti i suoi aspetti

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