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Instagram Stories have huge potential for brands. Here’s five different case studies, that you can use as a starting point for your own company.

augmented reality

For many experts and marketing and communication operators, the impact of augmented reality and its potential in terms of customer experience will be huge.

Facebook announced the introduction of strict rules for political ads. This new feature won’t impact only lobbies and political parties though.

Despite all the opinions against AI, there are many vantages in implementing it in business, mostly in communications.


The cinema giant has announced the launch of their online platform named Dc Universe, hosting the series dedicated to the famous superheroes created by the publishers of both Superman and Batman

Teens use Facebook less than YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. And in the future things might get even worse.

Fake news are spreading through WeChat. The specificity of Chinese-American targeted hoaxes, could explain why this audience is more conservative than before


The research Donare 3.0, made by Rete del Dono, assesses the diffusion and the peculiarities of charity among Italian Internet users.

A new initiative from YouTube might transform the business models of broadcast TV channels and that of smart TVs.

(Italiano) Un “punteggio” che condiziona ogni aspetto della vita del cittadino: sembra una puntata di Black Mirror, ma è quanto sta avvenendo in Cina. E dovrebbe preoccupare anche noi