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Technological devices suffer the excessive heat and are at risk of malfunctions and slowdowns. Here’s some tips to protect them during the summer.

Facebook announced it deleted several accounts that spread fake news in view of the upcoming midterms. This time, also on Instagram.

An increasing number of teens don’t rely on traditional media and seek refuge in Instagram, discussing politics and social justice on ‘flop’ accounts

The DESI index comprises indicators related to digital performances in Europe. Here’s how Italy is doing

Music backgrounds for Instagram Stories pave the way for interesting initiatives from brands, especially those working with influencers and testimonials

It’s about time we ask a crucial question about AI: what will we do after it will have taken over the workforce?

After the controversy unleashed by the latest Forbes cover, here’s a real self-made icon: Lyn Slater, also known as Accidental Icon

The most favorite event for online shopping lovers is about to come back: here’s how to get ready for Amazon Prime Day

This case might drag Google, specifically Gmail, in a Cambridge Analytica-like scandal

Many US news websites are blocking EU users, waiting for any reliable solution to face GDPR, the new EU data protection regulation.