Mostre, mercatini, rassegne cinematografiche, retrospettive non autorizzate, iniziative enogastronomiche: a Milano, nel penultimo weekend prima di Natale, ce n’√® per tutti i gusti

Motivational content are constantly trending on your feed, aren’t they? In certain cases, though, the excessively ‘inspirational’ tone of voice they’re famous for ends up being counterproductive

The beauty industry employs influencer marketing campaigns more than any other field. Here are the latest trends, inspired by recent campaigns.

The Case #ForTheWeb report examines the digital divide phenomenon and proposes solutions for some of the biggest issues

Several Christmas campaigns, including the new one coming from Burberry, favor web and other platforms over TV.

The announcement of the Amazon HQ2 started a controversy, but mostly a legitimate fear: is the San Francisco effect going to trample other cities?

How was the California fires emergency handled on Twitter? What about the key accounts and personalities? Here’s our report.

The new Facebook device for video chatting, Portal, is on sale. Here’s the pros and cons and where to find it.

Social media are often accused of being a threat for health. But in some cases, they can help millennials (and not only them) to find useful info and better services

Facebook promotes immersive online shopping, whereas a renovated Zara store launches in-store and online shopping integration. Which one will be the winning model?

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