FpS Media at the conference on editorial professions

During the seminar organised by the Lombardy region
"I want to (I have to) be a Freelancer", Fabio Pisanu explained
how FpS Media created a new space in the
editorial sector with its innovative business model.

How can a freelancer be competitive in the labour market and become an entrepreneur at the same time? Fabio Pisanu, journalist and associate at FpS Media, talked about this during the conference “I want to (I have to) be a Freelancer”, organised by the Lombardy Region last September 16th in Milan.

Working as a freelancer, a feasible challenge

For the first time three different professional associations: accountants, lawyers, and journalists joined forces in order to organize an educational seminar aimed at unemployed or inexperienced professionals who want to work as freelancers. The aim of the seminar was to offer practical tools to those who want to give self-employment a try.

FpS Media innovative business model

Fabio Pisanu explained to an audience of freelance journalists, how FpS Media managed to grow in an increasingly challenging market. Teamworkquality content and always looking to the future – this is the secret of an enterprise that has managed to specialize in different communication sectors, ranging from content marketing, native advertising to video production.

How to start a business from scratch

During the seminar, accountants and lawyers gave practical advice on how to manage a freelance business (Partita IVA) and on how to open a STP (Società tra professionisti – Business partnership), an instrument which so far has been scarcely used. At the end of the course, operative workshops were organized and the participants carried out simulations on how to start a business from scratch. The members of the Association of Journalists acquired eight credits by participating in the seminar.

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