How was the California fires emergency handled on Twitter? What about the key accounts and personalities? Here’s our report.

The new Facebook device for video chatting, Portal, is on sale. Here’s the pros and cons and where to find it.

Social media are often accused of being a threat for health. But in some cases, they can help millennials (and not only them) to find useful info and better services

Facebook promotes immersive online shopping, whereas a renovated Zara store launches in-store and online shopping integration. Which one will be the winning model?

Mobile payment apps are increasingly popular. Here’s a selection of the best ones, with info about compatible cards and devices

Music copyright is about to face another wave of change: the introduction of Music Modernization Act. Here’s how it works

Digital divide is not only a matter of devices and Internet connection: it’s (mostly?) about content, articles and search engine results

A data set from IPA TouchPoints Daily Life, explained by Facebook, shows how user behavior changes at different hours

Many companies, Basecamp included, are setting an example in terms of distributed teams: the model is far from being perfect, but office politics tend to lose importance

According to Associated Press, Google tracks users’ location, even after they (seemingly) disable the option

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