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Looking for content for your website? Do you need a storytelling expert or would you like to improve the ranking of your text with a seo strategy? Fps media has a committed team of professionals, not only regarding written material but also for video, photos and social networks.

Contents that are perfect for you

FpS Media is made up of journalists and communication professionals who can create editorial content aimed at finding and keeping new readers and new clients. The objective of Content Marketing experts is not just to sell a product or a service, but to inform the client, to build loyalty and to transform them into a spontaneous promoter of the brand. Our team knows how to create high-quality content of all types and for all platforms, online and offline.

Content Marketing FpS
Professionisti FpS

An editorial staff at your disposal

FpS Media produces and distributes editorial content which attracts visitors to the website, increases the visibility of a brand and builds loyalty among readers and clients in the long term: articles, videos, info graphics, seminars, guides are published online and shared on all social networks using a precise strategy.

Our clients

Over the years, publishing groups, newspapers, companies, public agencies and associations have turned to our agency. L’Espresso group, Condé Nast, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Sky Italia, Google and Tim are some of our most important clients who have chosen the professionalism and competence of FpS Media.

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We can do a lot for you

editorial services

FpS Media deals with the web editing of major information websites and contents of the house organs of national chains, to provide a specific and accurate service for each sector.


Perfect texts for every need: from websites to leaflets, from the advertising campaigns to social media.

Video making

Videos of all types, from simple interviews to motion graphics and corporate video. Experienced video producers will lead you from the design to finalization of the project.


From analysis to the positioning of websites on search engines in Italy and worldwide, FpS Media has proven experience and up to date professionals.

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