Panorama d’Italia

Panorama d’Italia is the event created by the weekly magazine Panorama, from the group Mondadori aiming to present Italy to the Italians through its qualities, news and novelty news items. FpS Media takes care of all social media activities, from registration to events, stage management, digital PR with VIPs and their staff, as well as bring the community to life.

The 2017 edition of Panorama d’Italia surpassed all expectations, with more than 77,000 Facebook fans, with an increase of almost 19,000 fans, 11 million views, 62,000 likes. The Twitter account registered almost 2,000 tweets, 29,225 profile visits, 2.5 million views and 4,908 followers with an increase of 754 users. Instragram also registered a success: the profile has 976 more followers.

From March to November 2017, 230,000 people followed live meetings around Italy, 485 speakers were invited and 400.000 users visited the website. The wonders of our country were related in 355 articles, 305 hours of live streaming and 378 videos.


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