Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer which was founded by Alberto Beggio in 1945 in Noale, near Venice. Since 2004 it has been part of the Piaggio Group.

With 294 Grand prix wins in World Championships, Aprilia holds the record for the most wins among European manufacturers in the history of motorcycle competitions. It also has 54 world titles: 38 in World Championships, 7 in Superbike and 9 in Off Road disciplines.
Aprilia motorcycles are used worldwide on international and local circuits, providing the opportunity for young talent to grow and helping them in their debuts in world competition.

Aprilia was originally founded as a small bicycle factory, which started producing mopeds at the end of the 1960’s. By the 1970’s it had begun to produce 50cc motocross bikes, then a 125cc, making it into the first motocross competitions in the mid 1970’s. Aprilia made its first competitive motocross debut in 1975 and immediately afterwards entered the World championship.

Its headquarters are still in Noale, but in 1996 production was relocated to the new Aprilia factory in the nearby town of Scorzè.
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