Acotel Group (Azienda di Comunicazioni Telematiche – Telematic Communications Company) was founded in 1992 by Claudio Cardinale. It deals with digital entertainment, telecommunications, security, energy consumption monitoring services (electricity, water and gas), and interactive advertising services on an international level.

It is divided into three areas: Acotel Interactive (web oriented), Acotel Tlc (mobile telecommunications services), and Acotel Net (a service provider, ranging from energy to telemedicine).

This Italian company operates in 14 countries worldwide and its headquarters are located in Rome, New York, Sao Paolo, Dubai, Madrid and Dublin. It has a total of 164 employees.

Acotel Net asked FpS Media for support in creating videos and online articles in order to enrich the company’s blog. FpS Media also managed online and offline communication activities, as well as a press office. After 3 years of activity, the editorial image of Acotel Net has been defined and the company which deals with smart metering has become an expert reference point in this matter.



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