Tvzap is an entertainment website which was created to evolve around the TV world. Every day it offers news, columns, in depth analysis and interviews connected to the world of entertainment.

It is the top website of the GEDI group, after, with 203,000 unique users a day, and 479,000 page visits.

It monitors the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles of hundreds of shows and TV stars. It describes simply and with a light touch TV programs, web series, films, talk shows and reality shows. The goal is to give to the readers a closer and more interactive experience of the TV world.

The Facebook page has 400,000 fans, and the Twitter profile has 12,200 followers.

FpS Media deals with the editorial management of contents, searching for and selecting news, writing it (also using SEO), and doing interviews. It also animates social media pages, especially during important live TV shows.

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