For the third year in a row, the professionals of FpS Media have been managing the website of La Cucina Italiana, the portal which aims at disseminating culinary culture.

La Cucina Italiana

Two and a half million unique users on the website La Cucina Italiana, and over one million fans and followers on social networks. These are the figures which convinced the Condé Nast Group continue their collaboration with FpS Media for the third year in a row.

From the very beginning of the new website, FpS Media has been producing high quality content for the portal. Stories, interviews, recipes and novelty news, are some of the areas the agency worked on for the magazine which is, specialized in the food sector. All the editorials are SEO optimized in order to improve the visibility of the website.

Thanks to the activities of FpS Media, La Cucina Italiana is today followed on Facebook by more than one million fans, and by 72,000 followers on Twitter.



La Cucina Italiana is an Italian monthly magazine regarding gastronomy and food culture, which was founded in 1929 by the journalist Umberto Notari and directed by his wife Delia Pavoni.

In 1997 a website was also launched, publishing over 1000 recipes yearly. The objective of the magazine is to popularize good Italian cuisine, provide information about healthy eating habits and offer innovative and modern dishes.

All the recipes are prepared by professional chefs and tasted and tested by the editors. Besides the cuisine, a large section is dedicated to nutrition: a team of doctors suggests dietary dishes and gives advice for healthier eating, without sacrificing taste.

There are also many articles and reports regarding home furnishing, oenology, wine and gastronomic tourism, artcinema, and literature.

In 2014 it was acquired by the American publisher Condè Nast, and the current director is Maddalena Fossati Dondero.

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